• PH Érték 2021

    PH-Value 2022

    2.990 Ft HUF

    PH-Value is the community wine brand of the Pannonhalma wine region, regulated by the representative collaboration of the producers in the area. The wine is based on …

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  • Sold out

    St. Martinus 2023

    2.990 Ft HUF

    St. Martinus is the first courier of each vintage. This primeur wine is always produced for the first decade of November. Its freshness is ensured by királyleányka …

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  • Tricollis white 2022

    2.990 Ft HUF

    Due to its strict technological processing, this wine delivers the fresh and crispy flavours of early summer fruits with its floral and pleasant aromas during its fi …

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  • Tricollis-Rose-2018

    Tricollis rosé 2022

    2.990 Ft HUF

    This fresh rosé is coming from a hot vintage. Its smooth and fruity notes are derived from the merlot-cabernet grapes, while its essential crispness is guaranteed b …

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  • Tricollis vörös 2018

    Tricollis red 2022

    3.750 Ft HUF

    Tricollis is a ruby coloured mellow red wine, where cabernet franc and merlot are dominant, completed gently with pinot noir. Notes of cherry and red-currant on the …

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  • Hemina

    Hemina white 2022

    4.750 Ft HUF

    Hemina is the Burgundian style white wine of our winery that is composed of grape varieties according to the conditions of each vintage. The wine of the recent vinta …

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  • Hemina vörös 2018

    Hemina red 2021

    4.750 Ft HUF

    Owing to the dominancy of merlot, the wine has silky tannins, while the notes of cabernet franc ensure the structure for the wine. Due to the short period of aging i …

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  • Sauvignon Blanc 2018

    Sauvignon Blanc 2022

    3.990 Ft HUF

    The crop of the two vineyards Széldomb and Tavaszó that bear diverse soil and microclimatic characteristic was harvested in different phase of biological ripeness. …

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  • Rajnai Rizling

    Rajnai Rizling 2022

    3.990 Ft HUF

    Rheinriesling is a really typical grape variety of the Pannonhalma wine region that also covers the biggest part of the vineyards of the Pannonhalma Archabbey. This …

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  • Pinot Noir 2018

    Pinot Noir 2022

    6.350 Ft HUF

    Matching the styles of the old and the new worlds!
    Regarding pinot noir, we cultivate four Burgundian clones in several vineyards. The manifold soil and microclimat …

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  • Prior

    Prior white 2022

    6.350 Ft13.900 Ft HUF

    A wine of uncommon purity, this flagship riesling selection is introduced by the citrus aromas that are very characteristic of the variety, embodied in Mediterranean …

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  • Prior Válogatás

    Sold out

    Prior red 2022

    10.900 Ft HUF

    This wine is a selection of our pinot noir clones from our vineyards bearing this grape variety that contains only the wines from the highest rated barrels. This win …

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  • Infusio 2017

    Infusio 2021

    12.900 Ft29.000 Ft HUF

    Infusio is the red wine of Pannonhalma in Bordeaux style.
    Made from merlot and cabernet franc, the most prestigious blend of Pannonhalma Archabbey comes from our ic …

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